Just got your SDG&E bill? Brace yourself

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – To keep the room temperature low in the summers, many San Diegans have been turning to their air conditioners on a daily bases before their SDGE&E bills arrived. "I was just surprised. I mean, my wife yelled at me," was a statement of Gorge Chen when they first saw their monthly bill.


Most People Choose the Costliest Route to Going Solar

In California, masses of people who are fond of solar energy have decided to go green to promote a healthy environment. However, the way they are choosing to go solar will costs them more money in the coming years.

According to a survey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Analysis reported this year that in California, approximately 70% of new solar customers are getting solar panels on leases or by signing power purchase agreements. Now they have to pay only depending upon the usage of their panels rather than paying for the regular monthly electricity bills.



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